Bless Your Inheritance Narrow the Road Waiting at my Doorway Great Endurance and Patience
Hallelujah Hearts Will be Revealed The Waves Roar Watching Over Them
A Firm Place To Stand To the Right or to the lLeft Join The Dance At The Entrance
A Pillar Sounds in the Wind In The Branches Chasing After the Wind
Stop and Consider In Your Marketplace Encircled Abandon
Dancing to a Joyous Song Cornerstone Afternoons Reflections He Stilled the Storm to a Whisper
Wise Explanation | 68x45 | 2009 Three Remain | 48x22 | 2009 I had Nearly Lost my Foothold | 40x20 | 2009 Path of Peace | 2009 (18x18)
Paths of Life |2009 (21x45) Renewing | 2008 Crushed but not Destroyed | 2009 Inviting Corner | 2009
The Season of Singing | 2008 Pass Through Taking Refuge Dressed in Splendor
Complete Gentleness Guarded Travels New Hope Overflowing
Revealed at the Proper Time Revealing Deep Hidden Things Strong Tower Time To Dance
Twisted Vastness